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hello, I'm Sian
Quietly Curious - intentional family living
Digital media executive living in beautiful North Yorkshire with my husband, little girl Emmy, and two cats.

Quietly Curious is a curated selection of content around parenthood with a Montessori approach, my forays into embracing slow fashion in my wardrobe and Emmy’s, organising and running a family home, adventures home and away, and even how I reconcile digital life with these themes.

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Recent posts

SoHo Rainbow Romper review: Little Cottons

Emmy’s Rainbow Romper: Little Cottons

I've always wanted to create adorable little baby dresses and rompers for Emmy, but I quickly realised that I didn't want to spend my few spare minutes in a day in between feeds at the sewing machine ...
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DUNS Sweden Purple Meadow baggy pants mum and baby matching outfits

Scandi Style: DUNS Purple Meadow Baggy Pants

Scandi clothing has taken the world by storm. Before Emmy was born, I'd never even heard of the world of kids' Scandi wear, DUNS or baggy pants. I'd have assumed that organic kids clothing was very ...
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Quietly Curious

Quietly Curious is a space for me to embrace parenthood intentionally, to explore new passions, and to inspire others by writing authentically about them. Appreciating every small moment, living life slowly and simply with a conscious and conscientious mindset.